5 Ways to Guarantee Happy Weddings Guests


The big day is of course all about you and your soon-to-be spouse. You are the VIPs, the guests of honor, the stars of the show. It goes without saying that your happiness and your needs are paramount – BUT your guests’ happiness should be a very close second.
So how can you keep your guests happy on your wedding day? It’s really all about communication and comfort. Read on for easy tips to guarantee happy wedding guests.

Set Up a Wedding Website
Guests really just want to know what they're doing, where they're going, and what's expected of them. A wedding website is the easiest way to communicate all those need-to-know wedding details. Unlike the very limited space of a wedding invitation, here you can communicate hotel room block information, directions to the venue (including last minute road closures), contact details, and a detailed schedule of events. You can also make specific suggestions for attire, like tie or no tie, avoiding heels for an outdoor venue, or keeping bare shoulders covered in your church. If you have a lot of out of towners, include tips on fun things to do, places to eat, getting around, and where to shop.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

You spent a lot of time planning your event – so make sure your guests can find and enjoy everything. Think a framed sign in the hotel lobby with the shuttle bus times, a cocktail menu on display at the bar, or a welcome sign outside the ceremony entrance. If your venue is off the beaten path, mark the turns with wooden arrows, directional signs, or balloons. Signs could also be made with your wedding hashtag, explaining the instructions for your non-traditional guest book, or displaying the menu for each of the different food stations. Be sure to use similar frames, fonts, and colors for all of your signs to create a cohesive look that ties back into your theme.

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Photo by Eric Sucar www.sucarweddings.com

Temperature Control

If your guests are sweltering in the hot July sun or so cold that their teeth are chattering, they are going to have a difficult time concentrating on the heartfelt wedding vows you spent weeks crafting. Providing a basket with extra pairs of sunglasses, setting out sunscreen and bug spray, or greeting guests with an ice cold drink upon arrival, will go a long way at a summer wedding. For a chillier fall or winter wedding, you could have blankets or pashminas on hand for older guests and children, set up a hot chocolate station, or rent portable heaters. Comfortable guests are happy guests. If the ceremony is outdoors and the forecasted conditions are less than desirable, consider shortening the ceremony.

It’s the Little Things

Set up a charging station for when your guests’ cell phones become drained from all the picture taking, provide flip flops for when their feet become blistered from so much dancing, stock Shout wipes in the bathroom amenity basket for spilled wine on their favorite dress.  If you know you’ll have a lot of guests who don’t enjoy dancing, provide an alternative such as lawn games, a photo booth, or a board game table. Extra little touches let your guests know that you as a host have thought carefully about their needs.

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Photo by Eric Sucar www.sucarweddings.com

End on a High Note

After five hours of open bar and dancing, is there anything better than a late night snack?! Surprise your guests with a tater tot food truck parked outside the wedding venue. Satisfy their sweet tooth with mini cartons of chilled milk paired with warm cookies. Have pizzas delivered to the after party. Or send them on their way with a salty snack like soft pretzels, trail mix, or monogrammed bags of buttered popcorn.


Photo by Eric Sucar www.sucarweddings.com

Just as you would want your guests to feel well taken care of at a party in your home, taking a few extra steps to make your guests comfortable at your wedding will go a long way. Your guests will feel special and loved and will always remember the amazing day that was your wedding.


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